100 Days of School

Everyone around Hilltop School was excited to celebrate their 100th day of learning this year!  Students in all grades participated in different activities during the day.  

Our pre-K students counted out and designed a Froot Loop necklace and make 100-Day crowns!

In kindergarten, students dressed as 100-year-olds and made projects with 100 things.  

In first grade, student designed their own hat with 100 things on them, like stickers,  legos, toy dinosaurs, and more!  

Second graders wrote stories about what their lives will be like when they are 100.  They were creative with what they'll be like in their old age!

Our third graders had 100-second challenges such as how many push-ups in 100 seconds, how many numbers can you write in 100 seconds, and many more!  

The students in 4th grade created a design with 100 cubes/ pattern blocks and determined the fraction of each color/shape.

We are 100 days smarter!