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Hilltop School

Hilltop School, 23 days ago

2nd Graders have been focusing on STEM in the classroom. Here are some second graders measuring to decide if they should be using meters or centimeters! Later, students went outside to look for solids! They also found some solids inside!! #lionspride #mendhamborosd view image

Hilltop School

Hilltop School, 26 days ago

Hilltop staff and students had a great Halloween celebration today. Families are able to watch the Halloween celebrations through Flipgrid! Happy Halloween! #lionspride #mendhamborosd view image


Hilltop, 26 days ago

Mendham Borough Child Study Team wishes you a safe Halloween! #bucketfillers #mendhamboroschools #lionspride view image

Hilltop School

Hilltop School, about 1 month ago

Hilltop Students celebrated the Week Of Respect! All students made a mask that showed how they are unique. Students had great spirit days to express their individuality and recognize respect in many ways! #lionspride #mendhamborosd view image