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Hilltop School

Hilltop School, 8 days ago

Hilltop School welcomed paralympic skier Staci Mannella today. Our youngsters heard about her perseverance as a blind athlete and student. Mannella, competed in the '14 and '18 paralympic games recently graduated from Dartmouth. She brought her guide dog, Smidge. #lionspride view image

Hilltop School

Hilltop School, 12 days ago

Senora Witko's third-graders had a "Fiesta de las Frutas," (Celebration of Fruits) this week. Students brought in a variety of fruits, many from central and South America to sample and discuss. All left class with new tastes and appreciation for different fruits! #lionspride view image

Hilltop School

Hilltop School, 13 days ago

Hilltop's kindergarteners have learned about coins, their worth and how to count money. Today they applied that knowledge in a real word experience by visiting the Mendham Creamery to buy ice cream. Thank you to the Creamery for their support of our learning! #hilltopschool view image

Hilltop School

Hilltop School, 14 days ago

Hilltop School celebrated its final character education pillar today - RESPONSIBILITY. Our 4th graders shared what responsibility means to them, and how many jobs in the school and out have different responsibilities. We welcomed two Mountain View students to share as well! view image