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Mountain View MS

Mountain View MS, 11 days ago

What better way to enjoy the sunshine than practicing Geometry outside? Ms. Huang’s 7th grade Mathematicians left their mark at MV with #sidewalkchalkmath. #mendhamborosd #lionspride #mountainview view image

Mountain View MS

Mountain View MS, 13 days ago

Mr. Jorgensen's 6th grade STEM students built and launched their own water bottle rockets. Check out the video link below - this one went over 200 feet! #lionspride #mendhamborosd #mountainview

Mountain View MS

Mountain View MS, 19 days ago

MV 7th graders Zoya Ayub and Sammie Varela entered the Delbarton Middle School Science Fair with their "Blinded by Bacteria" project. They won the "Uber Presenter" award and "Best Organized Virtual Project." Presentation link: #mendhamborosd


District, 22 days ago

April is World Autism Month. Today staff and students at Hilltop Elementary and Mountain View Middle School celebrated Autism Awareness Day. #mendhamboroschools #lionspride #LightUpWithKindness view image