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Mountain View MS

Mountain View MS, 2 days ago

Mountain View recognized Violence Awareness Week in Advisory by creating a "Stand Up to Bullying" hallway display. Students chose an anti-bullying quote that resonated with them, and wrote a personal reflection on why they found it to be meaningful. #mendhamborosd #lionspride view image

Hilltop School

Hilltop School, 8 days ago

Hilltop Students celebrated the Week Of Respect! All students made a mask that showed how they are unique. Students had great spirit days to express their individuality and recognize respect in many ways! #lionspride #mendhamborosd view image

Mountain View MS

Mountain View MS, 22 days ago

Mountain View students recognized the Week of Respect and welcomed speaker @youthmover Brandon Lee White, who inspiried them to "Own It" - their dreams, mistakes, and life! #mendhamborosd #lionspride #mountainview view image

Mountain View MS

Mountain View MS, 28 days ago

7th grade Art students are working on paper collage “Mola Artwork." Traditional Molas are sewn by the Guna women of Panama and feature colorful abstract and animal designs. After learning about the culture and history, students made molas of their own. #mendhamborosd #lionspride view image