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Hilltop School

Hilltop School, about 8 hours ago

Mrs. McGoldrick's 4th grade class wrote and performed a whole school meeting about FAIRNESS. We stressed that fairness is about getting what you need to succeed. We welcomed two Mountain View students to share their insight on fairness as well. #lionspride #mendhamborosd view image

Mountain View MS

Mountain View MS, about 10 hours ago

Mountain View's Student Council leaders took a break and danced with kindergarten students after presenting to Hilltoppers on fairness at the Whole School Meeting. Mr. C's gym class rocks! #lionspride #mendhamborosd #mountainview view image

Hilltop School

Hilltop School, 2 days ago

Third graders created a beautiful winter scene of birch trees, exhibiting rhythm and movement. Rhythm is shown by the repetition of lines, shapes and colors. You can see more of student artwork at the Mendham Public Library during the month of March. #mendhamborosd #lionspride view image

Mountain View MS

Mountain View MS, 3 days ago

Ms. Stiner's 7th grade ELA classes participated in a peer review of their argument essays, in which they presented their writing using the technology in the Lions' Den. After receiving thoughtful feedback from their peers, they revised their writing. #lionspride #mendhamborosd view image