Kindergarteners concluded the first unit of their EL Education Weather Module by becoming meteorologists. Students were busy tracking the weather, learning about the 4 components of weather, and writing facts they learned throughout the study.

Students created meteorologist notebooks where they recorded drawings and words describing experiments, thermometers, clouds, and rainbows. In their journals, they kept a record of the weather each day, explained what they would wear and what activities they might participate in on that day. They learned that we make decisions based on the weather and the temperature each day.

Upon completing this part of the module, the Kindergarteners joined with their second grade buddies to share their work. They worked collaboratively by having the second graders read the title of each page in their notebooks and the kindergarteners explained the information they recorded on each page.

The kindergarteners are looking forward to continuing their study about the weather in the next part of their Weather Unit.