Cybersecurity Awareness Month

The Mendham Borough School District understands the importance of protecting us against cyber threats. 

Cybersecurity awareness education is the first step to prevention.  The education sector is the highest at-risk target for cybersecurity attacks. As a district, all staff is required to complete various Cybersecurity training courses.  We invite our board members to do so as well. Our courses cover items such as:

  • Preventing Email Attacks 
  • Ransomware
  • Impersonation
  • Phishing 
  • Strong password security
  • Mobile security

At the completion of each course staff members are required to take a quiz to ensure understanding.  Additionally, four times each year we do phishing simulations for all staff, testing staff members’ knowledge and we receive summary reports after the completion of each simulation. 

The district has also implemented multi-factor authentication for all staff accounts and with the addition of ClassLink this year, we have implemented multi-factor authentication for a variety of platforms used within the district. 

In addition to protection for our school community, the training assists staff to navigate cyber threats at home.