MVMS Students Design Bloxel Games and Stop Motion Movies

Students in Mrs. Heuer's 7th and 8th grade Information, Communication, & Technology electives are off to a fast start, already producing their own games and films.

Game Design & Animation students were tasked with the challenge of designing a video game for their parents to play on Back-to-School Night. The students learned how to use the Bloxel platform, which allows students to create games with 8 code blocks, each with a unique gameplay trait. 

Click the links below to play some of the student-created games.

"Get Butterfly's Coins"


Under the Sea

The Tower

In Elements of Film, students learned about Stop Motion movies. Students were amazed to discover that 1 week of filming was equivalent to 1 minute of film. The students took the knowledge they learned and are creating their own stop motion movies. They have constructed sets and characters, and are ready to start filming.