Colonial Day 2022!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Thursday, January 27, 2022, was a day for the history books for Hilltop School's fourth-graders.  Students and teachers dressed the part as they participated in experiences to celebrate their studies of colonial times.  They traced silhouettes, practiced calligraphy, learned about proverbs, and made quilt patterns.  Throughout the day, they ventured to each fourth-grade classroom to “visit” sites in Colonial Williamsburg where they could learn more about daily colonial life. These included a trip to Dame School; where students learned to cross-stitch; the Raleigh Tavern, where they ordered a meal and played a game that was popular at the time; and the living quarters for enslaved people, where they practiced a call and response song and learned how hard life was for those who were enslaved. Most importantly, students learned how different life was for children in the 1700s. Even though it would be a lot more work and incredibly different from the lives they live today, some students decided that they wouldn’t mind living in colonial times!