Ms. Eagan;s Class

Ms. Eagan’s third-grade class welcomed Jesse DelGigante into their classroom recently. virtually last week. Mr. DelGigante, a parent of a student in the class, was invited to speak about his extensive time spent working in Asia. During this time, he led research teams learning about health and hygiene practices in different countries including India.  

 Mr. DelGigante shared information about India and its diverse culture. He spoke about the challenges many people face accessing clean water and the importance of hand hygiene, how these challenges are overcome and the many differences compared to our daily lives in Mendham.

 Mr. DelGigante’s expertise is related to the studies in Ms. Eagan’s class in the areas of Language Arts and Geography. Students have been reading different books and learning about the challenges people face near and far in regards to learning, education, and access to books. The class has also been learning about maps, the continents and oceans, and where our community is located in the world.