Slam Dunk

On a sunny and warm afternoon at Mountain View Middle School, 28 excited students gathered in the Cafeteria to go over basic protocol for trash versus treasure--recyclables, that is. In groups of two and three, supervised by multiple Mountain View teachers and the HSA Green team, students were split into two teams: trash and recycling. Gloves were distributed, garbage bags were handed out, and soon enough, students were spread out all over Mountain View. Student Council Advisor, Ms. Huang, organized the event.

“I heard about MCMUA’s grant originally at a recognition banquet I attended with Mr. Dragon and the HSA Green Team,” Ms. Huang stated. “And now about two years later, we’re making sure students understand the importance of taking care of their community and the Earth.”

After scoping out Mountain View, the group grabbed their belongings and still holding onto their trash bags, hiked to Hilltop to continue the green streak of community service. Students from grades 5, 6, and 7 excitedly panned over every square inch of Hilltop and Mountain View’s grounds, cleaning up everything from tiny candy wrappers and discarded water bottles to larger items like an iron pipe.

Tired but feeling accomplished, the students ended a well-deserved day with ice cream at Mendham Creamery to support the HSA.

Special thanks to teachers Ms. Carozza, Mrs. Lau, and Ms. Moore, the Mendham Borough School District for supporting this endeavor, and a special shoutout to Amy Golier and the HSA Green Team for helping with the event.