Mountain View seventh graders Zoya Ayub and Sammie Varela entered the Delbarton Middle School Science Fair with their "Blinded by Bacteria" project.  Zoya and Sammie tested the effects of Lysol vs Clorox wipes to see which product works best to eliminate bacteria.  Since both products claim to kill 99.9% of viruses and germs, they developed an experiment to test the claim to see if both wipes were equally effective.

Their project was one of 80 middle school projects.  They competed with other middle school students from Delbarton, The Red Oaks School, Chatham Middle School, Pope John XXIII, St. Catherine of Sienna School, Tuxedo Park School, and Oratory School of Summit. 

Sammie and Zoya were awarded with the "Uber Presenter" award and were acknowledged for the "best organized virtual project".  We are very proud of Sammie and Zoya's hard work and dedication to their project and their love for science.  Click below to view their presentation.