8th Grade Happenings

Mountain View 8th graders have been hard at work as the first marking period comes to a close.

October included a recognition of the Week of Respect, School Violence Awareness Week, and Red Ribbon Week. 

Students participated in science labs in the cafeteria- where distancing was able to be maintained and materials were able to be used by individual students.  Our virtual students participated too with a lab partner from the classroom!  

Traditionally, 8th graders participate in at least one meeting with a local representative during the school year, and again while they visit Washington, D.C.  This year, Assemblywoman Aura Dunn (also a Mountain View parent) visited virtually with students to share her experiences as an Assemblywoman and how changes to her career path led her to this position.   She urged students to get to know their local representatives and make their voices heard because they CAN make a difference in our community when they do so.  All the teachers were so engaged in Mrs. Dunn’s presentation that we forgot to take photos to share- sorry!  We truly appreciate the time Mrs. Dunn spent with our classes. 

Lastly, we rounded out the month with a presentation from Morris County Vocational School District about their Academic Academies and Vocational Education programs.  High School is right around the corner for our students and it is so nice to have such wonderful options within our county.