Mountain View Middle School recognized the Week of Respect from October 5-9.  Established in 2010 as part of the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act,  the week is observed through instruction in anti-bullying,  upstander behavior, and respect for self and others.  The events of the week were organized by Mrs. Lanka, School Counselor, and in true Mountain View fashion, also included opportunities to demonstrate school spirit.

As part of the Week of Respect, students also had the opportunity to meet virtually with motivational speaker Brandon Lee White. During his  Google Meet with each grade level, Brandon helped students learn an important lesson in self-respect - he discussed what it means to "Own It" in life. Check out one of Brandon's "Own It" moments here

The month of October will conclude with School Violence Awareness and Red Ribbon Week, providing students with additional opportunities to learn about physical and emotional safety and well being.