MVMS Garden Club Welcomes Autumn

Mountain View Middle School’s Outdoor Learning Center, home to a newly renovated courtyard and flexible learning space, also houses an active garden, maintained year-round by Ms. Carozza and members of the Garden Club. 

Garden Club students learn how to grow food and flowers organically from seed to harvest. Last year, students planted lettuce, sunflowers, peppers, tomatoes, pumpkins, pole beans, and more! Throughout the growing season, students learn skills such as how to amend soil, compost, start seeds, prune, and harvest. Students also learn about beneficial insects and how to create a balanced environment for plants and wildlife. 

On Thursday, the Garden Club kicked off the first day of fall by prepping raised garden beds for winter! Students planted kale for the fall crop, harvested beans to plant next spring, and removed the last of the summer veggies.