National Park Service

Second graders in Miss Young and Mrs. Gaffney’s class spent an afternoon at National Park Ranger Orientation in June. First, they read all about being a park ranger, from where they work to their responsibilities. Then students wrote down what they knew about each park and what they wanted to know. Next, they visited the different parks virtually, observing and talking about erosion, weathering, and landforms. Students also discovered what types of animals lived in each habitat and why it would be a good place to live for each animal. Finally, students filled out a mock job application where they had to select in which national park they would like to work and give 3 reasons why they want to work at the park they chose. To wrap up, students were able to design their own national park emblem and color pictures of some of the animals they met on their trip. They all had a blast and one student even said that he wanted to pursue a career working at a national park! Another fun day of learning at Hilltop School.