Core team:

Our Core team is made up of Kristen Huang (Math), Erin Clark (Science), Kyle Nugent (Social Studies), and Kristin Stiner (Language Arts).

In Math, we have two tracks: Algebra 1 Part 1 and Algebra 1 Part 2. Algebra 1 Part 1 covers the first part of Algebra 1, as well as 7th Grade Math standards. Algebra 1 Part 2 covers the second part of Algebra 1.

In Science, the 7th grade science program focuses on Life Science using the Next Generation Science Standards Framework. Students will build the foundation that will ensure success in high school Biology

Seventh grade Social Studies is based around the early years of American history. Students will take a look at how humans arrived in the Americas, the rise of ancient civilizations in the Americas, the rise of powerful European nation-states, the interactions between the cultures, British, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and French colonization of the Americas, British America, Enlightenment and political influences on the British colonies, pre and post American Revolutionary War, the Constitution, and the War of 1812.

The seventh grade Language Arts and Literacy course provides a balance of reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, and vocabulary skills. Students will be reading various literary genres while further developing their analytical thinking and writing skills. This course will enforce essential comprehension skills and strategies while students read closely and cite evidence from grade-level fiction and nonfiction to support an analysis of literature. During the course, students will learn to self-monitor in order to improve their language use and will participate in meaningful discussions where all students are encouraged to share their thinking.

Across all subjects, we expect our students to have their agendas and use them, to properly use their Chromebook as instructed, and to bring a positive attitude every day.

Related Arts team:

Students in seventh grade have a wide variety of Related Arts courses, both semester and full-year, from which to choose.  Performing Arts courses include Advanced Band, Orchestra, and Mountain View Singers, a select choir.  Technology offerings include Game Design & Animation, Global Collaboration, and Audio Visual Production. Students can further their visual arts skills in 2D and 3D Art, and engage in STEAM learning in Industrial Arts and Structural Engineering.  In addition, all students are enrolled in full-year Physical Education and foreign language (Spanish or Chinese) courses. 

Please see Google Classroom for all announcements and assignments.

Parents/Guardians who are interested in receiving daily or weekly email digests from Google Classroom of their student’s progress, upcoming work, and class announcements will receive an email with sign-up information.