Kindergarten Update: December
Kindergarten Update: December
Hilltop Elementary
Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Kindergarten Update: December

Here’s what your Kindergartener worked on this month:

Reading Workshop: We continue to stress the importance of reading strategies that good readers use. This week we: 

  • Went back and reread to make sure the words we are saying to match the words on the page.
  • Used first letter clues to figure out unknown words.
  • Used our sight word cards to help recognize words in our shared reading texts.
  • Noticed that when certain words repeat in a story this helps us to read the story.
  • Celebrated our favorite shared reading book with all kindergarteners. 

Writing Workshop: We continue to use good writing strategies that make it easier for other readers to read what the children are writing, such as:

  • Using a spaceman to put spaces in between words
  • Making our writing readable
  • Fancied up and celebrated with all the kindergarten classes

Math:  Unit 4 where the children:

  • Learned about tricky teens
  • Played number top it
  • Worked with hexagons
  • Number collection boxes
  • Played math games

Fundations: letters Hh and Kk,  reviewed letters, the -an word family

Holidays Around the World 

  • Learned how people all over the world celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah
  • Shared our family traditions


  • Learned about the season of winter