Ready, set, TREX!

As one of our key recycling initiatives:

  • Every year hundreds of schools across the nation compete against each other in the TREX Film Recycling Challenge ( to recycle the most plastic film:

    • In addition to highlighting the importance of recycling, Trex will happily donate a high-performance composite bench to the winning school, and bestow honorary awards to every school that participates!

    • The challenge begins each year on America Recycles Day, November 15, and lasts until April 15.  Winners are announced on Earth Day.

  • With the help of Mt. View's Student Council, our district has turned in amazing results in the TREX Film Recycling Challenge.  Keep in mind our district competes against schools across the county with student enrollments between 500 and 800!

    • For the 16/17 school year & Challenge, students at Hilltop and Mt. View brought in 506 pounds of plastic film, and finished third!

    • For the 17/18 school year & Challenge, students at Hilltop and Mt. View brought in over 900 pounds of plastic film, and finished third!

    • From 16/17 to 17/18, we nearly doubled our collections, all while highlighting the importance of recycling everyday plastics with our children — huge milestones for our schools and our families — and big goals to aim for next year as well!

  • And now for the upcoming 18/19 school year!  Families and students at both Hilltop and Mt. View will again be encouraged to bring in the plastics shown below for the TREX Challenge:

    • Beginning with the start of school, drop your plastic in the designated bins at each school and voilà, we’ll do the rest!

    • Your plastic items can count toward this challenge as long as they are dropped off by April 15, 2019.

Thank you for building a community that cares and goes green!  

Plastic Bags & Film Packaging*:
  • LDPE / HDPE Films
  • Newspaper sleeves
  • Bread bags
  • Product wrap
  • Cereal liners
  • Food storage bags
  • Ice bags
  • Pellet bags
  • Produce bags
  • Dry cleaning bags
  • Grocery bags
  • Case overwrap
  • Packaging air pillows
  • Salt bags
 *Plastic bags and film packaging all need be clean, dry, and empty in order to be recycled in our collection bins.
Green Initiatives Committee