School filters do block a lot of the inappropriate images in a Google images, however, there are still too many inappropriate images that slip through. Therefore, 5th and 6th grade students are not allowed to use Google to search for images.

The following "Safe" search engines are available for your use. These "Safe" searches are not perfect in their filtering and often yield very limited results; but results do vary on the different search engines. So if you do not find what you are looking for on one engine, try another.

Good luck, and happy searching!

Infotopia is an academic search engine accessing only trusted websites previously selected by librarians, teachers, and library and educational consortia.

Kid Safe Image Search

Kid Safe Image Search is a free service, designed to make searching images on the internet safer for students.

Photo Library: Morguefile

Morguefile.com is a very large collection of high quality photos that are free to use and or adapt commercially without attribution. Photos that may be seen as objectionable are fairly rare on this site (use with caution, as you should with any website).

Photo Library: Pics4Learning

Contains thousands of good quality, safe, educational photos. These photos are free to use without permission for educational purposes.

Safe IMAGE Search Filtering

When using this website, Google SafeSearch is automatically activated to deliver only safe images. Images are screened using strict filtering to protect kids from harmful images that may be associated with them.

Safe Image Search for Schools

This site allows you to safely search for images selected from throughout the web with strict filtering enforced.

Safe Search  

Safe Search is a free, education use only service by Primary Technology.