The following regulations are adopted, in order to effectuate board policy regarding dress and grooming (Board of Ed Policy No. 5132):

  • All clothing should be neat, clean and seasonably appropriate.
  • Footwear must be worn at all times. Shoelaces must be tied properly for safety. Flip-flops, thong-type sandals or shoes not securely fastened to the feet are not permitted for safety reasons, particularly due to student use of staircases and playground equipment as well as laboratory and shop classes.
  • Patches, slogans, words, symbols, or pictures of an offensive or obscene nature may not be worn (e.g., novelty shirts, gang-related attire, or alcohol/cigarette, drug attire).
  • No undergarments, tank tops, halter tops, shirts with spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, midriff tops (midriff cannot be exposed), fish or mesh net tops, are to be worn by themselves. No underwear is to be exposed at any time, including bra straps or boxer shorts.
  • Sunglasses are to be removed upon entering the building unless they are prescription and light-sensitive. No hats are to be worn in the building except for designated events or for religious reasons.
  • No excessively short skirts, dresses or shorts may be worn. Skirts, dresses, and shorts must extend beyond the palm of the student’s hand while standing or they will be deemed excessively short.
  • In shop or laboratory areas, necessary protective clothing including, but not limited to, headgear, coveralls, smocks, or uniforms, shoes and safety glasses must be worn as specified by the instructor. Failure to comply with this safety direction will result in the immediate removal of the student from the shop/laboratory area.
  • The foregoing is not intended to be an exclusive listing of unacceptable pupil dress, and the building principal shall be responsible for determining the appropriateness of student dress within the meaning and scope of these procedures and board policy 5132, irrespective of whether or not such attire is specifically prohibited by these regulations.


  • Teaching staff members will report perceived violations of the dress code to the building principal or his or her designee, who will interpret and apply the code. If the principal or principal’s designee determines that a student has violated the dress code, the student’s parent will be notified by phone. The student will have a choice of either requesting clothes and/or footwear to be brought in by his/her parent or wearing his/her physical education clothes for the day.
  • Students who publicly represent the school or a school organization at an activity away from this district are required to dress in full accordance with the reasonable expectations of the staff member in charge of the activity and consistent with this policy. Students unwilling to comply with this requirement will disqualify themselves from participation in any such activity.
  • The principal may waive application of certain elements of the dress code on a day specifically designated as a special school sponsored theme day.
  • A student whose dress has been found by the principal to violate this regulation may appeal the principal’s determination to the Chief School Administrator or his/her designee, whose decision will be final.
  • In the event a student is unclear about the dress and grooming policy, the student shall direct questions to the Principal for clarification prior to engaging in dress or grooming practices that may not be compliant, or that the student is unsure will be compliant with the school policy.