Ms. Jessica Carey (carey@mendhamboroschools.org)
Mr. Timothy Zagara (zangara@mendhamboroschools.org


The OLC (Outdoor Learning Center) Club has been designed for all students of Mountain View to join together with helping hands to keep our beautiful space alive and thriving! The OLC has been transformed over the years into a wonderful workspace for students and teachers to conduct daily lessons and projects based off the surrounding environment.

In order to keep the use of space, we need to maintain all garden beds. In the fall, the main focus of the OLC Club is to harvest the many fruits and vegetables that were planted by the previous year's members. The fruits and vegetables harvested are all donated to local food pantries. In addition to the fall harvest, the OLC Club helps prepare the beds for winter with trimming, mulching and spring bulb plantings! The OLC Club meets again in the spring to help prepare the beds for the new growth. Members plant seeds, rake leaves, restock the soil, and mulch. In addition, members will help plan new garden beds and label previous beds with plant names.


  • Fall (September to early November) and Spring (April to June) on Tuesdays from 3:30 to 4:00 p.m. (weather permitting).
  • Additionally: Special, school-wide OLC clean-up days are scheduled in the Fall and Spring.
  • Plus throughout the year: Volunteers are being sought who will energize our efforts to continue the development of the Outdoor Learning Center. If you are interested in volunteering your time or talent to this ongoing project, please contact Ms. Carey (carey@mendhamboroschools.org) or Mr. Zangara (zangara@mendhamschools.org).