Core team:

The fifth grade year is one of transition for our new middle schoolers. Team 5 continues the objective of the Hilltop School--educating the whole student with sound academics and personal traits--while transitioning them to the more independent learning structure of Mountain View.

Our fifth graders are a rare breed for their age--truly a part of a middle school environment in most every way. Setting up and maintaining lockers, changing classes every block, and rotating between various teachers are challenges; Team 5 is there for our students every step of the way.

The core classwork in grade five consists of language arts, math, and science. High expectations from the beginning of middle school prepare our students for their later Mountain View core classes. Homework is age-appropriate, and project-based learning (PBL) is accomplished in our social studies curriculum. Our fifth graders participate in a full slate of related arts’ classes as well.

Team 5 engages our learners in the interdisciplinary, Conserve Wildlife Foundation’s Species on the Edge Art and Essay Contest (math, language arts and science). This contest allows for a STEAM-based experience. In the late spring each year, our students take part in a hands-on field trip to the Buehler Space Challenger Center. Students receive preparation for the “Challenger” trip in their rigorous science class.

We look forward to interacting with both students and their families for a positive first year at Mountain View School.

Related Arts team:

Committed to offering students varied learning experiences, all fifth graders are enrolled in Physical Education, foreign language (Spanish or Chinese), visual, industrial, and performing arts, and technology courses. 

Please see Google Classroom for all announcements and assignments.

Parents/Guardians who are interested in receiving daily or weekly email digests from Google Classroom of their student’s progress, upcoming work, and class announcements will receive an email with sign-up information.