Welcome to the 8th grade

Core team:

The members of the 8th-grade team include Mrs. Magrini (Science), Mrs. Leber (Language Arts), Mrs. Beach (Math), and Mr. Zangara (Social Studies).

In 8th grade, students are learning physical science. The physical science course aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards Framework.. There are 5 units that are covered:

  1. Structures and Properties of Matter
  2. Chemical Reactions
  3. Energy
  4. Force
  5. Waves and Radiation

Students learn through exploration of natural phenomenons that cover these units. Some of the tasks students will be expected to do include conducting research, creating models, performing lab experiments, and writing scientific explanations (CERs).

Eight grade Language Arts students concentrate on analyzing literature, expanding vocabulary, and toning grammar skills through the reading and writing workshop model.

Literary skills for reading nonfiction and fiction materials are emphasized through the study of literature units (historical fiction, short story selections, memoir), cross-curricular units, and independent reading. The development of composition includes a focus on the writing process through expository, narrative/descriptive and argumentative pieces.

Students either take Algebra 1 Part 2 or Geometry in 8th grade. In Algebra 1 Part 2, we cover linear functions, systems of linear equations and inequalities, exponential functions, polynomials, quadratics, and other non-linear functions. The Geometry course covers everything from points, lines, and planes to circles, triangles, and quadrilaterals.

The 8th grade Social Studies Curriculum consists of 11 units that examine questions about humankind and the human experience. In order to answer these questions, we will utilize a variety of the social studies disciplines including history, sociology, anthropology, psychology, civics, and economics. While examining these questions, we will sharpen and hone critical thinking skills, argumentative writing skills, and so much more. Please be aware that all updates, class information, and resources will be posted to Google Classroom.

The 8th-grade team has the following expectations:

  • Computer Usage
    • Proper computer usage is expected in every class. Failure to comply will result in consequences including:
      • 1st Offense- No Chromebook 24 hours following
      • 2nd Offense- Parental Contact and No Chromebook 24 hours following
      • 3rd Offense- Lunch Detention, Parental Contact, and No Chromebook 24 hours following
      • 4th Offense- Administrative Action
  • Academic Honesty
    • Do not share (electronically or hard copy) your work with another student unless told to do so.
    • Submitting work that is not your own (plagiarizing, copying from a fellow student, etc.) constitutes cheating.
    • All sources must be properly cited.
    • Failure to comply will result in a “zero” for the assignment as well as contact home.

Related Arts team:

Students in eighth grade have a wide variety of Related Arts courses, both semester and full-year, from which to choose. Performing Arts courses include Advanced Band, Orchestra, and Mountain View Singers, a select choir. Technology offerings include Game Design & Animation, Global Collaboration, and Audio Visual Production. Students can further their visual arts skills in 2D and 3D Art, and engage in STEAM learning in Industrial Arts and Structural Engineering. In addition, all students are enrolled in full-year Physical Education and foreign language (Spanish or Chinese) courses.