Our Mission

Building upon our tradition of excellence and service we balance rigorous academics with character development. Fostering social-emotional learning (SEL), while promoting academic learning provides the balance children need. The mission of the Mendham Borough Public School District is to prepare all of our students for their future roles in society. We strive to provide an educational program that enables all students to acquire knowledge and to assume constructive self-direction to their fullest potential. The district is committed to education of the highest quality, aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, and continuous improvement of programs and teaching strategies. 

2019-20 District Goals

  • Student Achievement and Academic Enhancements/Innovations - To empower each student to realize his/her full potential as confident learners, problem solvers, collaborators, innovators, and navigators of information with a strong ethical core.
  • Wellness and Safety - To develop a safe internal and external environment for the well-being of students and staff.
  • Community and Global Citizenship - Develop and empower learners to be leaders and innovators in order to productively engage and positively contribute at local and global levels.