The District employs a rigorous curriculum including coursework, co-curricular activities, and board-approved educational experiences. Through an ongoing review and commitment to the mission of meeting the diverse and unique needs of our students, the curriculum in each core discipline is guided by a unifying framework that justifies and gives direction to daily instruction.

Students engage in conferencing, peer review, claims-evidence-reasoning, inquiry-based learning, real-world experiences and compelling questioning throughout their courses.

Every student at Mountain View participates in the Enrichment through Extension and Exploration program consisting of standards-driven, core connected courses that integrate 21st Century Skills and standards and explores potential cross-curricular opportunities.

Understanding the importance of developing skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, decision-making, risk-taking, inventiveness and time management, students at Hilltop have the unique opportunity to participate in related arts courses twice a day including library, technology, physical education, Spanish, art, and music.

Our staff engages in sustained professional learning to refine and expand their practice assisting them in helping our students perform at high levels in part through an expanded mentoring program, pursuit of advanced degrees, action research and sustained opportunities for collaboration. Examples of high quality, relevant and timely professional experiences, both individualized and collaborative, include focused grade-level planning and monthly curriculum meetings, access to advanced technology applications and use of experts, both inside and outside the district. We have also expanded our professional learning community through a Partnership with the Raritan Valley Community College in their Next Generation Science Standards District Partnership Program and with Farleigh Dickinson University as part of the Orton-Gillingham Certificate Training Program.