Schoolwide character education books

Each year the Mendham Borough Home and School Association (HSA) provides a grant so that all classes can have a copy of a picture book that exemplifies lessons in character. The common language in these books is used by teachers so that students hear a similar message no matter where they are in the school.

For 2018/19: "Be Kind"
by Pat Zietlow Miller
Year Published: 2018

For 2017/18: "Only One You"
by Linda Kranz
Year Published: 2013

For 2016/17: "Hooray for You!: A Celebration of 'You-ness'"
by Marianne Richmond
Year Published: 2015

For 2015/16: "Invisible Boy"
by Trudy Ludwig
Year Published: 2013

For 2014/15: "Ish"
by Peter H. Reynolds
Year Published: 2004

For 2013/14: "Each Kindness"
by Jacqueline Woodson
Year Published: 2012

For 2012/13: "One"
by Kathryn Otoshi
Year Published: 2008

For 2011/12: "How Full is Your Bucket?"
by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer
Year Published: 2009