FEBRUARY : Healthy Heart Month

  • Jump Rope for Heart is scheduled for February. Mrs. Morales works hard to make this a special treat for the 3rd grade students.
  • The teachers and staff will be wearing RED and jeans to celebrate healthy hearts on February 2nd. A collection from the staff will be donated to the American Heart Association as well.

FEBRUARY : Children's Dental Health Month

During the month of February, Hilltop will have the pleasure of having Dr. Netttune and Banasiak and his staff visit each grade for a presentation on oral health. The children are very engaged and learn new information each year.

Dr. Nettune and his staff play a trivia game with the upper grades . Quiz your children and see what they learned. Or you may have them ask you some questions! I learn new facts every year.

Don't forget to make appointments for dental visits.

MARCH : National Nutrition Month

During the month of March we will celebrate different color fruits/vegetables. Facts about fruits and vegetables and good dietary choices will be included as a part of our morning announcements.

Students will have the option of taking a challenge to eat more fruits and vegetables each day. Worksheets will be available in the classrooms.

ChooseMyPlate.gov is a nice website with good ideas to share.

Encouraging colorful plates for one week may lead to a lifetime of good choices. Click here for additional tips from ChooseMyPlate.gov that you can follow to help your children develop healthy eating habits for life.

I thank you for your help and support in teaching and setting examples for healthy life styles. Children learn by example.

For a full listing of National Health Awareness Months, Weeks, and Days, click here.