Multiple lunch bunches will occur over the course of the year. Parents will be informed of these groups ahead of time, in order to sign their child up for the group. We will also seek out teacher recommendations for group participation. At the end of each group, we will email parents of the group a brief overview describing the skills/strategies learned in the group that can also be applied beyond the school day. In our monthly newsletters, you will find information about the lunch bunches as well as additional information surrounding the Counseling program. Below you will find a list of the counseling groups that are being offered at the present time. Once the first round of groups have been completed, please keep a lookout for the next set of groups offered.


"Keep Calm" (virtual group offering)


“Click & Connect” (virtual group offering)

New Student Group “Welcome To Our Planet” (virtual group offering)


- Topics will be announced after the January-March sessions come to an end