Order In The Library
Put the books in the order.

Shelve It
Put the books in order

Parts of a book Quizlet game

Books and More
True or false? Answers questions about books. 

Fiction or Nonfiction?
Learn and practice the difference between fiction and nonfiction books.

How to Search the Catalog - 1
Practice searching the Online Patron Access Catalog (OPAC).

How to Search the Catalog - 2
Practice searching the Online Patron Access Catalog (OPAC).

Search the Catalog by Author Name
Practice searching the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) by an author's name.

Reference Sources
Can you choose the correct reference sources to find information?

Reference Choice - 1
Choose the correct reference books to find information.

Reference Choice - 2
Identify the correct reference book to use.

Reference Choice - 3
Choose the correct reference book to find information. 

Dictionary Fun
Reference Material Games

Parts of a Book - 1
Learn the parts of a book.

Parts of a Book - 2
Play hangman to learn and practice the parts of a book.

Parts of a Book - 3
Four games to learn the parts of a book: flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search

Parts of a Book - 4
Even MORE hangman to learn (more difficult) parts of a book.

Title Page in a Book
Play hangman to learn the parts on a title page of a book.

Library Word Scramble
Practice your knowledge of library terms and unscramble words.

Library Orientation
How well do you know your library? Test your skills!

Genres of Literature
Identify the correct genres (type) of literature.

Dewey Number Order
Put the Dewey numbers in order. If you are correct, a hidden picture will appear!

Dewey Decimal Practice
3 games for practicing the Dewey Decimal System : flashcards, matching and concentration. 

Basic Dewey Decimal
Match the correct Dewey Decimal Number with the right subject.

Check the Book Shelves
Choose the set of books that are in the correct "call number" order on the shelf.

Call Numbers and Sections of the Library
Match a book's "call number" (or address) with the "section" in the library where it belongs.

Call Numbers
Learn about the call numbers of a book. 

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