• District Administration

    Superintendent of Schools  

    Dr. Mitzi Morillo

    email | p. 973-543-2295 

    Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

    Mrs. Elizabeth Juliano

    email | p. 973-543-2295, ext. 122

    Business Administrator / Board Secretary  

    Mr. James Rollo 

    email | webpage
    p. 973-543-4804, ext. 234  
    f. 973-543-2805

    Director of Curriculum & Instruction  

    Mr. David Moser 

    email | webpage
    p. 973-543-4251, ext. 124

    Director of Special Services  

    Mrs. Danielle Holmes  

    email | webpage
    p. 973-543-4175 ext. 139  
    f. 973-543-4125

    Technology Coordinator  

    Mrs. Mary Joy Falcone 

    email | p. 973-543-4251, ext. 144

    Hilltop Elementary School Principal  

    Mr. David Heller 

    email | webpage
    p. 973-543-4251, ext. 121

    Mountain View Middle School Principal  

    Mrs. Aimee Toth

    email | webpage
    p. 973-543-7075, ext. 221

    Operations & Maintenance Supervisor  

    Mr. Jonathan Gesell  

    email | p. 973-543-4251, ext. 144

  • Welcome to
    the Mendham Borough School District!

    Dear Parents and Guardians:

    The beginning of another exciting and productive school year is here.  It is through the commitment and hard work of our students, support of our school community and the dedication of our staff, administration, and members of our Board of Education that we continue to pursue and achieve excellence. 
    There is no better way to begin the year than to share some highlights of what has been recently accomplished in the district and to communicate a few of our district initiatives for the 2017-2018 school year:  
    The use of capital reserve funds to:
      • Complete the renovation of two additional bathrooms at Mountain View School

      • Upgrade the HVAC controls at Hilltop School

      • Purchase energy efficient lighting at Mountain View School 

      • Initiate the Mountain View School Media Center Renovation

      • Complete carpet removal of eight classrooms at Mountain View School

    Instructional Programming Initiatives:
      • Eighth grade students at Mountain View Middle School will participate in an "Introduction to Design" course as part of the school's Extension, Exploration, and Enrichment (EEE) block.  Using the "design loop," students will engage in design challenges by identifying practical problems, conducting related research, brainstorming solutions, sketching and prototyping various designs, and testing and evaluating their solution.   Challenges will be based upon real-life situations in the fields of art, fashion, engineering, and architecture.

      • Establishment of a Student Wellness Committee that will collectively assess current supports on all aspects of school wellness services, to promote the link between health, safety and academics, and to assist staff as needed in the area of student (physical, social, and emotional) health.

      • Creation of the Elementary Intervention Specialist position to work directly with the building principal, the Director of Curriculum and Instruction and the faculty, to facilitate the delivery of services based on a tiered progression for students in need of instructional intervention. 

    We are very fortunate to have an active and supportive Home School Association.  They continue to be a vital link between parents and our schools.  Their fundraising and outreach efforts are deeply appreciated by the district.  You may view HSA events through our district website, www.mendhamboro.org.  I encourage you to check in periodically to see how you can participate in events throughout the year.
    Our District staff has been working all summer to make sure the schools are ready for opening day.  We look forward to continuing the tradition of excellence in the Mendham Borough School District.  I invite you to become involved and reach out to me at any time with questions, comments, and/or suggestions. 
    I am confident that the administration, faculty and staff would agree that we are proud and grateful to serve in this wonderful community and as such we begin each school year with a renewed sense of purpose.
    Thank you for your continued support of our school district!

    Dr. Mitzi N. Morillo
    Superintendent of Schools