• Hilltop Lunch Volunteer Schedule


    • Please note this schedule may not reflect switches that were made between volunteers.
    • Lunch starts at 11:00 am and ends at 12:45 pm.
    • For days that have * listed, these are 1pm dismissal days –please use the delayed opening and early dismissal schedule.
    • If you are interested in helping in the Hilltop Cafeteria, please contact Kelly Gillard (908-432-0597; kellygillard@yahoo.com).


  • Hilltop Lunchroom Volunteer Guidelines
    • Assist children with lunches as needed.
    • Remind students to follow posted rules (stay seated, indoor voice, ‘One Child At A Time In The Bathroom’ cafeteria rule, etc.).
    • Give out wipes to EVERY student with nut products in their lunch and ensure they use them after eating.
    • Help line up students at the end of each lunch period.
    • During an emergency or fire drill, direct students to exit out THE NEAREST patio doors.
    • During a Safe School Drill direct students to the BACK OF THE KITCHEN.
    • Please call an aide if:
      • There is a problem with a student’s lunch.
      • You encounter a discipline issue involving physical contact, safety, profanity, or chronic defiance.
      • A student is injured or ill. An aide will log all trips to the school nurse. Please do not send any child to the nurse without consulting an aide.

    The tables in front of the windows are reserved for students with food allergies. Students who are designated to sit there may invite one guest each day to sit with them (usually arranged with the teacher). An aide will wipe down these tables and chairs following each grade’s lunch period.
    Please call an aide if:
    • A child asks to sit at these tables, so that his/her lunch may be checked.
    • There is any problem or question. Children should not be moved to or from these tables without consulting an aide.

    • Please wash your hands at the start of the lunch period and after handling any foods containing nuts.
    • Only one student is allowed in each bathroom at a time. Please closely monitor this safety rule.
    • For their health and safety, students should not share food.
    • Children should sit on their coats and hats to avoid spreading germs or illnesses.
    • Students’ information, conversations, and actions are confidential and should not be discussed with other children or parents.
  • Fun Halloween Snacks

  • October 2017
    10/2 Aparna Largman

    10/3 Rachael Morton
    Kim D'avi

    10/4 Jen Walsh

    10/5 Scott Cirillo

    10/6 Kelly Gillard
    Kathleen Hickey

    10/10 Marie Simonsen

    10/11 Crissy Adinolfi

    10/12 Trish Hutchinson

    10/13 Amy Pini
    Danielle Doyle

    10/16 Karen Nelson

    10/17 Lee-Ann Van Deventer

    10/18 Tricia Gay
    Susan Guenther

    10/19 Kathleen Hickey
    John Hickey

    10/20 Marie Simonsen
    Jen Walsh

    10/23 Corrie Viola

    10/24 Jessica Strange

    10/25 Betsy Drew

    10/26 Crissy Adinolfi

    10/27 Karen Nelson
    Stephanie Fourie

    10/30 Marie Simonsen